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We have based our breeding philosophy on one thing:  Improve the German Shepherd Dog. 
We believe the German Shepherd Dog (or GSD) should not only be beautiful, but brainy and healhty also.  So often, we see dogs that are gorgeous but not healthy.  Or stunning but not posessing the extreme intelligence the breed used to be known for.  At Turtle Creek Kennels, we only breed dogs that posess what we view as the total GSD.  The dog must be of exceptional health, stunning in character and view and make us proud to breed such noble dogs. 
That is a Turtle Creek German Shepherd Dog. 

German Shepherd Puppies
Our Boys
See more photos of Ralph, here

Male German Shepherd Dog
Our boy, Ralph
is retired

German Shepherd Male Stud Dog...Stud dog German Shepherd


See Ralph's Pedigree is here

Our boy, Ralph
is retired